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ZOOM Led Flashlight - The Most Powerful!

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LANTERN LED ZOOM is not an expense, it is an investment!

These days, talking to a friend of mine ...

... he told me he would never need a flashlight , because he already has the cell phone.

The funny thing is that a few days later he punctured his car tire at night, and with his cell phone flashlight he couldn't even see a screw and had to call the squeak ... this life is funny engraç  

Ahh! Oops, my lack of education, let me introduce myself: 

Nice to meet you, we are POLIOFERTAS

And this is the flashlight  I told my friend to buy:

With this incredible lighting , it's impossible to stay at hand. 


10x stronger  than a car headlight, it's the most powerful flashlight you'll ever have!

Do you know why she is  so strong  ?

It features the newest Leed Zoom technology ...

... and so she can focus  energy and lighting at the maximum level

Brightening even the darkest environments 😱 (or simply your home when the light goes out ) 

I see you're enjoying this flashlight ... 

And I haven't even told you the best yet!


It is  rechargeable via USB  and the battery lasts more than 6 hours 

"Gee, 6 hours ?! Are you sure?" 

YES, and it's not even magic ... it  's just the Led Zoom technology, which makes the battery consumption lower and the lighting quality much higher.


Night turns to day with that lantern.

You wished and now you have the power of the Sun in the palm of your hand! 

Wow ... I'm so poetic: '' the power of the sun in the palm of your hand '' 
You have to agree that this sentence was beautiful ...

Anyway, I'm leaving. It was a pleasure!

Just take a look down here before 👇




This flashlight ran out quickly in our stock, we received replacement recently, but it's almost gone again ...



1) And if I find the Flashlight a little complex, will I be able to use it? 
A: Yes, you will receive a manual with all the features of the flashlight, in addition to having our support by whatsapp and email 24h for any questions or problems.
2) How soon will I receive my product? 
A: On average, 15 to 25 days is being our delivery time by post, remembering that after a few days you will receive a tracking code to track your order.
3) What if I don't like the product? 
A: Don't worry, if after receiving your flashlight you don't like it or for some reason you are dissatisfied you have up to 7 days to regret it, according to the Consumer Protection code. And so you get your full refund.
4) What if I don't receive the product? 
A: All of our products are shipped within 3 business days, and we work with the payment processor Mercado Pago, the safest in the whole of Brazil. If you do not receive the product, we do not receive your money, so there is no point in applying any type of fraud. We want our customers very satisfied!

Color : Black
Light  color: White color (5500k)
Reflector : Convex Lens
Material : Aluminum, plastic and stainless steel
 Led model : T6
Battery : 1 x 18650 3.6v Battery
Size : 12.3 x 2.8 x 2.5 cm
Weight : 90g